Mattole Valley Naturals Delivers Incomparable formulations of high-energy greens, nutrient-dense whole foods and master herbs in a brilliant fusion of eastern alchemy and clinical science.

“Practices of internal energy cultivation from the master healers and martial artists of antiquity espoused the consumption of certain herbs on a daily basis to nourish body, mind and spirit. They knew that herbs feed the essence, while other foods primarily target the needs of the body. Robust physical health cannot be achieved with an undernourished essence, and a weak body is inadequate to the task of connecting with spirit.
While technological advancements have revealed the reality of our sub-atomic, or “energetic” nature mankind has come full circle in the journey initiated by the empiricists of indigenous cultures. Our blends concentrate the most integral components of the full energy-matter continuum to meet the requirements of front-line clinicians and trainers.
The Mattole Valley Naturals line of nutritional-herbal supports are now available in limited quantity to the discerning public. Clarity of Mind, nourishment of Body, and cultivation of Spirit … regardless of your pursuit or needs, nothing less will suffice in today’s world.”

-Dr. Barre Lando, Founder