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Goat Milk Protein - Plain

Mattole Valley Naturals


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Mattole Valley Naturals goat milk protein blend is the highest quality goat milk protein powder available. Handcrafted from grass-fed goats milk this formula is Lacto-fermented with probiotics that make it more digestible than other non-fermented proteins on the market. Our multi-functional full-spectrum formula uses the purest proteins and superfoods on earth.

Our goats are grass-fed free-range hormone-free antibiotic-free and given the best environment and diet possible.

We have further enhanced our formula by increasing the protein content with our goat whey protein concentrate. Then we blend it with our mineral whey that is alkalizing and has over 20 naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes—including potassium magnesium and calcium. Like our other ingredients, it is minimally processed at low temperatures to obtain nutritional value.

We add our bovine true colostrum that is ethically harvested from cows raised without pesticides antibiotics hormones or GMOs and is a full-fat product with a host of immunoglobulins—a delicious creamy addition to this unique formula.

The end result is deliciously pure light and fluffy product void of any gums or thickening agents—so clean you can taste and feel the difference!

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