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Wholesale - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why should I choose Mattole Valley Naturals?
A. We provide the highest quality, ethically sourced organic and wildcrafted
Adaptogenic Proteins, herbs, mushrooms, and algae from around the world.

Q. Who currently carries Mattole Valley Naturals? 
A. See our Store Locator.

Q. Do you currently sell to Amazon Re-sellers? 
A. No

Q. Does Mattole offer NET terms?
A. We are partnered with PayPal Credit to extend 180 day interest free $0 down net terms with approved credit. Click Here  



Q. Is Mattole certified organic? 
A. Yes, we are USDA Organic Certified via "Organic Certifiers" 


Q. Is Mattole certified Kosher?
A. Yes, we are "Earth Kosher" Certified 

Q. Are Mattole products gluten free?
A. Yes. 

Q. Is Mattole Vegan?
A. some of our products are vegan, we also offer best quality whey and goat milk proteins. 

    Q. Are Mattole products responsibly grown & harvested?
    A. Yes. We work hard to source our ingredients from sustainable wild harvests and small organic family farms around the world.
    Our goal is to provide value for every person in the supply chain.

    Q. What is the shelf life of Mattole products?
    When we manufacture we label a two-year from packaging best-by recommendation.

    Q. Are your products 3rd party tested?  
    A. Yes.  Our suppliers test the herbs & proteins before we take ownership then we test them pre-production and post production for heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and bacteria. Our products are laboratory tested to the highest standards at least 3 times before consumption 



    Q. How do I order?
    A. When your Wholesale Application is approved, you will be given access to your personal online wholesale account,  where you can place your orders, track shipments and make adjustments at any time.

    Q. What is the minimum order?
    A. There is no minimum. 
    Note: Free shipping on orders over $499

    Q. Where can I log-in? 
    A. Click Here

    Q. Do you accept email purchase orders?
    A. Only in certain circumstances if you are approved by your account representative
    Note: almost all of our wholesale partners use and prefer the online ordering system.

    Q. Do you offer drop-shipping?
    A. Yes Click Here

    Q. Can I sell Mattole Products on my website?
    A. Yes,
    Note: Please speak to your wholesale adviser about how this works and for product photos and descriptions.

    Q. What forms of payment are accepted?
    A. All major credit cards, Amazon Pay, PayPal, PayPal-Credit, Wire-Transfer, ACH, Paper Checks.


    Q. Is shipping free?
    A. Domestic USA shipping is free on orders over $499
    Note: International orders are charged normal shipping based on weight.

    Q. Do you ship internationally?
    A. Yes, prices vary by country and weight and will be calculated automatically at checkout.

    Q. How long does it take to get my order?
    A. Shipping times vary depending on where you are. USA shipments on average will arrive within 7 days or less, international orders can take up to one month.


    Q. What is your return policy?
    A. If your customer is not satisfied with the product and returns it to you, we will take it back and issue you a credit on your account.
    This allows you to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to your customers.
    Note: We do not buy back unsold product.


    Q. Customer support?
    A. please email: 

    Q. Where can I get product training?
    A. We offer product training by appointment via Skype.
    Also in person, if you are local, or if we are scheduled to be in your area.

    Note: Each product has detailed descriptions located on the product page, along with links to studies and recipes.

    Q. Where do I login?
    A. Click Here

    Q. Forgot Password?
    A. Click Here


    Q. Does Mattole advertise? 
    A. Yes, through print media, social media, promotions, & events.
    Please contact marketing:

    Q. Can I become an Affiliate?
    A. Yes, Click Here