bigtruck brand x MV Naturals - Limited Release Hat


MV Naturals x bigtruck brand

Extremely high quality, hand-stitched custom patches with MV Naturals logo. You don’t want to miss out on these beauties. Completely one of a kind and suited for a life of adventure. Super limited quantities of each color: Pink trucker, Black trucker, Gray trucker and Black classic.

Rather than a business proposition, bigtruck brand was founded on a vision to create a movement and community connecting people through creativity and fun first. Since 2010, bigtruck has specialized in the design, marketing and manufacturing of hats. From it’s initial two men team, bigtruck has evolved from a small Lake Tahoe hat company into a global community that has chosen to reflect their passion for life in what they wear. With increasing demand, bigtruck continues to strive to inspire others to live life with a fun first mentality.

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