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About us

Why Mattole Valley?

Nature abounds here, and the indigenous imprint is palpable… an ever-present prompt to honor universal patterns.

Welcome to the Mattole River Valley, birthplace of Mattole Valley Naturals, and our creative and manufacturing headquarters in beautiful Santa Barbara. Mattole Valley Naturals is a family conceived, owned and operated business. We do what we love most, and share with those that may benefit from our efforts … life as it should be. When real people create real things there is an intelligible essence absent in mechanized production; back in Hawaii it is called “mana” … life-force. We’re proud of our formulations and strive to source only the cleanest, highest quality foods for our blends. What really makes our hearts sing is being witness to the return of independent innovators and entrepreneurs. Mattole Valley Naturals embraces this new trend of doing things the “old-fashioned way”.

Mattole Valley Naturals earned its stripes in a clinical setting

Formulations were put to the test on real people with significant issues. Natural Science and traditional medicine provided the baseline, while case management directed the modification of ingredients to accommodate real-time needs.

Legendary author Jack London and other early environmentalists persuaded California to protect a grove of old growth redwoods, considered sacred by the Native Americans, on the southern entrance to the “Lost Coast”. The magical canopy of these same trees can only be described as an otherworldly gift to this planet.

The imprint of the Mattole Indians on this land is palpable, and fortunately, many of the Valley’s present inhabitants share the wisdom of their predecessors for responsible stewardship of the land.

The Mattole Valley, part of the Lost Coast region, is one of the largest wilderness areas and the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline in the continental United States.

A travel magazine has called this area “too lovely to be believed, perhaps too beautiful to last. The steep roadways beneath the towering King Range Mountains include coastal redwoods, rocky shorelines, and black sand beaches, as well as a menagerie of fauna, including black bears, mink, black-tailed deer, and river otter, peregrine falcons and bald eagles. The town of Petrolia within the valley has been described as “a river valley town with Norman Rockwell flavor. The Mattole River flows through Petrolia and is one of only a handful of undammed rivers left in the country. The Mattole River is home to a variety of California wildlife, including river otters, Roosevelt elk, black-tailed deer, steelhead trout, more than 250 bird species, and an endangered salmon.” – Wikipedia 

Brought to life in Santa Barbara

From our family to yours

Back in 2012 we brought the vision of Mattole Valley Naturals to life in our Santa Barbara Headquarters. Our commited team handcrafts all of our products in our certified facility just a five minute walk from the beach. We love what we do and we are grateful to live and work in beautiful Santa Barbara. Drop in anytime, we’d be happy to show you around and share a smoothie.




Supporting where we came from

The Mattole Valley Naturals Sustainable Living Project

We teamed up with Prana, Goal Zero and Chadd Konig for the Mattole Valley Naturals Sustainable Living Project, an intentional endeavor in living symbiotically with the land.  The Mattole Valley Naturals farm includes fruit and nut trees, vegetables and herbs, and berries of all varieties.  Using permaculture practices, the garden is thriving and provides abundant nourishment. Resident quails provide fertilization, pest control, soil tilling and the occasional clutch of eggs.  The implementation of solar panels, compostable toilets and a rainwater cistern aid in the quest for a waste-free lifestyle. Domestically produced versions of prized tonic herbs like Jiao Gu Lan and He Shou Wu are presently under way.  As well, the forest canopy areas are well suited to restoring native Ginseng unique to the Northwest.

Creating this vision within this pristine northerly ecosystem required a lot of heart, hard work and drive.  Every community rural and urban alike can do so too!  At Mattole Valley Naturals we believe in being part of the change, and we hope you’ll follow suit.