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Sustainable Living Project

Supporting where we came from. 

We teamed up with Prana, Goal Zero and Chadd Konig for the Mattole Valley Naturals Sustainable Living Project, an intentional endeavor in living symbiotically with the land.  The Mattole Valley Naturals farm includes fruit and nut trees, vegetables and herbs, and berries of all varieties.  Using permaculture practices, the garden is thriving and provides abundant nourishment. Resident quails provide fertilization, pest control, soil tilling and the occasional clutch of eggs.  The implementation of solar panels, compostable toilets and a rainwater cistern aid in the quest for a waste-free lifestyle. Domestically produced versions of prized tonic herbs like Jiao Gu Lan and He Shou Wu are presently under way.  As well, the forest canopy areas are well suited to restoring native Ginseng unique to the Northwest.

Creating this vision within this pristine northerly ecosystem required a lot of heart, hard work and drive.  Every community rural and urban alike can do so too!  At Mattole Valley Naturals we believe in being part of the change, and we hope you’ll follow suit.