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The Goodwins

An Adventure in the Making

The Goodwins Love: Vanilla Goat Milk Protein, Full Spectrum Herbal Greens, Colostrum

Rose Goodman

Chinese Medicine Practitioner | Acupuncture & Vitality

"MVN protein powders are a key part of my daily enjoyment of tonic foods. They provide an elevated baseline for my vitality and I notice a difference when I skip a day or two! My clients report feeling a tangible difference to their energy levels when they include them in their diet."

Rose loves: Vanilla Goat Milk Protein, Yin Essence Herbal Greens, Matcha Whey and Longevity Herbal Greens

Jessica Yu

Intern Extraordinaire

"Nourishing, sustaining and yummy! The protein powders have fortified the necessary core energy to carry out my various day-to-day activities, while the green blends help me go the extra mile to provide a stronger connection with my mind and body."

Jessica Loves: Matcha Whey, Raw Cacao Goat Milk Protein, Full Spectrum Herbal Greens, Yang Essence Herbal Greens

Nuria Reed

Manager | Divinitree Yoga Studio, Santa Barbara


Dave Jones


"Mattole Valley Naturals has the finest ingredients, processed in the most natural way possible, sourced from the best suppliers around the globe. And because their products are as pure as you can get and contain minimal sweetening, the taste is clean, natural and you don't have to overload on intake. A little goes along way with MVN products. In short, because they are pure, the nutritional benefits per serving by far out-weigh the competiton. Second to none."

Dave loves: Cacao Goat Milk Protein

Morgan Coffey

Development Director | Santa Barbara Channelkeeper


Mollee Rucker

Forager | Lazy Acres


Nole Cossart

Brewmaster | Jun Brewery

"My go-to's are Cafe Whey and Full Spectrum. Its amazing how satisfied and nourished I feel. On more hectic days, I can subsist solely off these two products and never skip a beat."

Nole Loves: Cafe Whey, Full Spectrum Herbal Greens

Isabel Lucas


"I can really feel the benefits of MV Naturals by beginning the day with them. In the morning my body is empty and gets to experience all their properties to the fullest."

Isabel Loves: Yin Essence Herbal Greens, Cacao Plant Protein


Kristin Dahl

Holistic Nutritionist | Dahl House Nutrition

"Mattole's clean, wildcrafted products offer high integrity plant-based nutrition and herbal medicine at your fingertips. The formulas have been mindfully formulated to balance, alkalize and deeply cleanse the body while providing all day energy. I'm completely in love with everything Mattole!!"

Kristin Loves: Herbal Greens, Vanilla Plant

Whitney Eves

Personal Trainer


Kipp Stroden

CEO | Essential Living Foods


Danny Nigro

Personal trainer | Platinum Fitness


Paula Mowry

Forager | Erewhon Natural Foods


Olly Lithgow

Alchemist | Kotuku Elixirs

MV Naturals products are a core part of my daily nourishment. My clients thrive on these high vitality foods. My morning goat protein and colostrum smoothie with almond milk gives me deep energy throughout the day.

Olly Loves: Goat Milk Protein, Longevity Herbal Greens

Julie Cielo

Health & Lifestyle Advisor


Bettina Norton



Craig Donen

Owner & Personal Trainer | Platinum Fitness


Eric Baumgartner, L.Ac



Rick Moorehead

Doctor & Martial Arts Master

The MVNaturals product line has proven an indispensable base line support for my clients in their therapeutic strategies … patients report better energy, stamina, well-being and sense of nourishment.

Rick Loves: Yang Essence Greens, Cafe Whey Proteins

Colleen Ferguson

Pilates Trainer | Atwill Pilates

"As a pilates trainer, ballet dancer and in general a person who loves moment and all things healthy- I am so grateful to have come across Mattole's line. The raw cacao goat protein has become imperative to my morning routine as well as the full spectrum greens blend. I have seen a change in my energy level and skin since using Mattoles products consistently and can't help but recommend them to all my clients."

Colleen Loves: Raw Cacao Goat Milk Protein, Full Spectrum Herbal Greens

Chadd Konig


"Five days a week I wake up around 5am to paddle, train, surf or swim. My only fuel? The MV Naturals Full Spectrum and Yang Essence greens. Awesome stuff."

Chadd loves: Full Spectrum Herbal Greens, Yang Essence Herbal Greens, Vanilla Plant Protein

Carlen Young

Owner | Divinitree Yoga Studio, Santa Barbara & Santa Cruz


Sara Donen

Personal Trainer | Platinum Fitness


Terence Carfrae

Co-Founder, Coach & Lead Trainer | Temple SB

"I am dedicated to offering the best information and coaching for health that I can. I have been using the Mattole Valley Naturals Goat protein for some months now and I have noticed a great benefit to my health as a result. I find it easy to digest and satiating to my appetite. I recommend it as a healthy option for protein supplementation."

Terence Loves: Goat Milk Protein

Brother Echo

Writer and Life Coach