Free Shipping Over $99!


The basics:

We only drop-ship in the continental united states.

Shipping is free on orders over $199

Mattole Valley Naturals offers drop shipping to customers who have an online store or marketplace.

We offer attractive drop shipping margins, you will receive a price list upon successful application

Apply for your Drop-shipping Account  Here. 


How Drop-shipping works: 

After you apply for your drop-shipping account, you will receive a number of emails including 

1. An account activation email. < important you must activate your account 

2. Notice email of your successful application along with detailed instructions

4. A link to an Excel File with all of the product details and images for easy upload to your website. 

3. A PDF with detailed instructions about how to place an order with Mattole once you sell an item on your website or marketplace.

5. A phone call from your account representative



1. You pay nothing until you sell the item in your store = zero start up cost

You do not need to physically stock product in your store or warehouse
This allows you to promote our entire line of products risk free

3. Setup is fast and easy, simply use the files provided to create your online listings.

4. Tracking is provided to you automatically via email and through your mattole valley wholesale portal
allowing you to easily forward tracking to your end customer

5. You get to spend more time promoting your online store and less time dealing with expensive inventory and online listings.