Free Shipping Over $99



We only dropship in the continental united states.

Mattole Valley Naturals offers drop shipping to customers who have an online store or marketplace.

Apply for your Dropshipping Account  Here. < Link needed

How Dropshipping works. 

After you apply for your dropshipping account, you will receive a number of emails including 

1. An account activation email.

2. Notice of your successful application

3. A PDF with detailed instructions about how to place an order with Mattole once you sell an item on your website or marketplace.

4. An Excel File with all of the product details and images for easy upload to your website. 

5. A phone call from your account representative


Mattole Valley Naturals offers 25% Margins, 
Example: you sell an item for $100.
Your customer pays you $100.
You then Purchase the item from Mattole for $75, using the shipping information your customer provided to you. 
You pocket the $25 difference as profit.

Mattole ships the item to your customer from our factory in Santa Barbara California. 
Shipping is free.


You pay nothing upfront,
You do not need to buy product to stock in your store - zero cost to you. 
Setup is