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Vegan Plant Protein - Plain

Mattole Valley Naturals


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Mattole Valley Naturals plant protein is a unique formula handcrafted from organic sprouted bio-fermented brown rice protein and organic hemp protein. This comprehensive vegan formula is light delicious easily digestible and high in protein.

With tocotrienols and organic black chia, our blend also offers naturally occurring vitamins and minerals— creating complete whole food nutrition with exceptional taste and digestibility unlike any other.

Our hemp protein is a stellar source of omega fatty acids and minerals including magnesium iron zinc and potassium.

Our red maca is gelatinized in the traditional Peruvian soaking method to help break down starches making it easier to digest.

The end result is deliciously pure light and fluffy product void of any gums or thickening agents—so clean you can taste and feel the difference!

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